Javier Alarcón will return to TUDN to talk with Perro Bermúdez

Javier Alarcón will share the microphone again with El Perro Bermúdez (Photo: Cuartoscuro/FB-Enrique Bermúdez)

Enrique Bermúdez De la Serna announced that Qatar will be last world cup From the football that will be behind the microphone and that’s why a file was made farewell trip. During the preparatory round for the Mexican national team, he will be the main voice of the matches that they broadcast TUDN And he will bring it Dear colleagues How Javier Alarconwho tendered his resignation to Chapultepec television more than six years ago.

Through his YouTube channel, today he is a member of sports image Confirm the invitation so is Presence In the third preparatory match that Gerardo Martino’s team will play against Ecuador. this way, Alarcon and dog Bermúdez will share the microphone again On Sunday, June 5, 2020, at Soldier Field, in Chicago, Illinois, United States.

“As I told them, I am very happy and proud that dog Believe me On a personal level, TUDN In the professional side because at the end of the day it’s a match where they will be competing against it Martinoli, Luis Garcia And your very good suggestion Aztec A few years ago,” he stated on his official YouTube channel.

FB / Enrique Bermúdez
FB / Enrique Bermúdez

In the article, Alarcón explained that the team TUDN s Bermudez himself called him to find out his interests To return to the company on the occasion of Enrique’s farewell tour. “I told him of course, dogI will be very happy. “This will happen next Sunday in Chicago,” he said.

According to the itinerary, the journalist will travel from Mexico City to Chicago, where employees from the company where he worked until six years ago will wait for him. Saturday afternoon will eat with him dog Bermudez, Where they can talk about the game and remember some tales that allow them to do so Make it broadcast Sunday with a new offer.

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“We will have fun, I invite you to join us because Let’s tell stories. These types of matches give way to relax and talk about other things because the teams don’t really get into it. The Ecuadorean team has a shortage, but they are good players (…) It would be very interesting for the Ecuadorean team, the Mexican team and, for me, well. It is a great honor to accompany dog Bermudez”.

Javier Alarcón joined the Imagen Televisión team after leaving Televisa (Image: Instagram / @javier_alarcon_g)
Javier Alarcón joined the Imagen Televisión team after leaving Televisa (Image: Instagram / @javier_alarcon_g)

general 1988in one of the most important moments for sports journalism in Mexico, Javier Alarcon joins Team Televisa. His influence was soon felt and he helped establish the team dedicated to sports news coverage as one of the most important in the country. After creating Sports News Televisa designated as managing editor.

Throughout his career at Chapultepec, he has positioned himself as one of the most recognizable personalities on the team. His appearance was not limited to sporting events in Mexico, such as Directing clips and daily summaries On special occasions like Olympic Gamesas well as various world football Until Brazil 2014.

My departure in 2015when you arrive Louis Young Ricardo Perez provides Vice President of Sales. I humbly say it, I thought I had advantages Succeeding Ricardo as Vice President of Sports, but it does not happen. Yoon comes and we don’t settle down. He shrugs me off and says “You won’t make certain decisions anymore”. I think at that moment the course should be closed,” he stated in a conversation with Antonio de Valdes in 2021.

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