Education invites you to join the proposals of scientific and technological professions

Education invites you to join the proposals of scientific and technological professions

Teachers and students are invited to participate in educational initiatives related to science fairs, science clubs, programming and robotics workshops, school Olympics, etc.

The Ministry of Education, through the Undersecretary for Educational Planning, Science and Technology, invites teachers and students to participate in educational proposals to advance scientific and technological careers. Associated with science fair; Creation of science clubs. Programming and robotics workshops. Participate in the National Olympiad and do school activities with science in schools.

The proposals aim to promote and encourage learning from experiences, science and technology in the educational community, at all levels and modalities.

The idea is that each proposal applies students’ creativity, inviting them to solve problems, observe, analyze, discover, draw conclusions and share what they have learned.

science fair

It is the presentation of works in various fair situations. The proposal is based on Professor Mercedes Chamorro and those interested can sign up for the online form or email [email protected]

science clubs

The proposal is to invite formed and/or match clubs to join and participate in this experiment that allows learning from science. The reference is by Professor Lorena Morales and the registration form is You can get more information at [email protected]

the Olympics

Educators and students interested in participating in the ongoing National Olympic Games can obtain information at and contact Gustavo Rostán, a Lead Educator, by emailing [email protected]

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Programming and robotics

Schools wishing to access this educational experience that combines programming and technology can contact Prof. Gustavo Rostan at [email protected]

Science in schools

It is a proposal that attempts to bring interdisciplinary scientific activities based on STEAM and recyclable resources closer to schools. The reference teacher is Andrea González and you can request your visits in the form and get more information at the email [email protected]

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