Jarrow and the UK ambassador pledge to reduce carbon emissions by 2050

Mayor of La Plata, Julio JarroOn Tuesday, he held a meeting with the UK ambassador to Argentina, Kirsty Hayes, to discuss local public policies on sustainability and formalize the commitment to work towards achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

This commitment is made under the “Race to Zero” campaign, a global initiative that seeks to bring together the leadership and support of businesses, cities, regions and investors for a carbon-neutral economy that prevents future threats and creates jobs. Driving sustainable and inclusive growth.

“We had a very productive meeting, in which we talked about the importance of advancing the agenda of concern for the environment and sustainable development, which goes hand in hand with the commitment that our city assumes to reduce carbon emissions in the coming years. It generates sustainable and inclusive growth,” the mayor commented.

In addition, during the meeting the health system promoted by the UK was analyzed in order to develop guidelines for joint action to improve the local health service.

The meeting was attended by Government Minister Marcelo Leguizamon. Head of the Health District, Enrique Reforat; and consultant in international and institutional relations, Rosario Castañete.

Political Secretary of the British Embassy Emily Hormosius. and Policy and Program Officer, Constanza Galle.

“As a municipality, we reaffirm our commitment to building a sustainable city and making sustainable development our model for growth,” said the local chief. He stressed that “sustainability, concern for the environment and combating climate change are priorities on our agenda.”

During the meeting, officials highlighted improvements in waste collection “such as the container and expansion of the recyclable waste collection area by 50%, the installation of green points and local programs that promote waste separation.”

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Emphasis was also placed on the afforestation plan. Replenishment of general lighting with LEDs, which allows to save even greater energy; promoting the bicycle as a sustainable means of transportation, with investment in bike lanes and neighborhood bike paths; and measures that promote the use of electric vehicles in La Plata.

It should be noted that in February, a joint effort was established between the municipality and the UK Embassy linked to renewable energy and sustainable city models.

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