Japan will oppose Saudi Arabia’s entry into the sixth generation fighter program, which it is promoting with the United Kingdom and Italy

Saudi Arabia has shown interest in joining a sixth generation fighter project between the United Kingdom, Italy and Japan.. This application to enter the so-called Global Air Combat Program (GCAP, GCAP) created tensions between program partners. The declared Saudi interest could have been evidenced by the visit of the British Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace, earlier in the year. However, Japan may oppose a possible entry from Saudi Arabia.

Concept of the sixth generation stormtrooper fighter.

The GCAP originated from the consortium of the sixth generation fighter programs of the United Kingdom, Italy and Japan It’s called FX. led by the United Kingdom, GCAP seeks to develop a new combat air system (SAC) which will be highly advanced and targeted for export by 2035. The program aims to replace the Eurofighter Typhoon in service with the Royal Air Force (RAF) and Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare), and the Mitsubishi F-2 of the Japan Air Self Defense Force.

The Global Call to Action against Poverty project and Japan’s reluctance to do so

he storm It will be designed to be as stealthy as possible, using radar-absorbing materials, optimized aerodynamic shapes, and active radar masking technologies. will be too Equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) systems That will help you make decisions and perform actions independently, in addition to And the use of swarm technology to control drones.

although Japan strongly opposed the idea of ​​membership of the United Kingdom and Italy She made her position clear to the other two parties. The program was a major advance for all three signatories, but especially for Japan, which has historically restricted defense exports and never cooperated on a program of this magnitude and complexity. Japan dropped its decades-old ban on arms exports in 2014 and is discussing easing restrictions to allow it to access more foreign markets through the Global Call Against Poverty.

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For Saudi Arabia, its interest in GCAP comes after the delay in obtaining a second batch of Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft from the UK. It should be noted that income Saudi Arabia will involve a significant financial contribution A project estimated to cost tens of billions of dollars.

but, Adding a fourth member will complicate negotiations on a project already facing a tight deadline. Even Italy and the United Kingdom doubt whether the new partner will have anything significant to offer on the technology side. On the other side, There will be greater safety concernswhich is already a source of contention within the coalition due to the reliance on sharing technology and sensitive information.

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You may be concerned that Northrop Grumman will not participate as prime contractor in the development of the American NGAD sixth generation fighter.

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