It will not limit the functionality of users who do not accept its new privacy policy

FirstAnd the Then yes s Now WhatsApp definitely confirms that it will not limit the functionality of its users Those who did not accept their new terms and conditions of use, after their entry into force Your new privacy policy On May 15th.

The Next Web Reports That, in a new statement, WhatsApp confirmed that after talking to governments and privacy experts, it would not limit the functionality of its messaging system to users who did not accept its new privacy policy:

Given the recent discussions with various authorities and privacy experts, we want to make it clear that we currently do not have any plans to limit the functionality of How WhatsApp works to those who have not yet accepted the update. Instead, we will continue to remind users from time to time to update, as well as when people choose to use optional related features, such as contacting a company that Facebook supports.

Big but …

However, it is important to note that WhatsApp states that this unlimited plan is the one you currently have. But what could change in the future. The company also states that it will avoid it Your strategy mentioned above From constant reminders to agreeing to your new terms, the ones instead will be reminders “From time to time”, Without specifying the number of times.

Theme Change in WhatsApp policies It was a disaster from the start: the confusion was like this soon after Huge transparency campaign s In Mexico, even INAI had to intervene. In the end it caused chaos Delay your application Even with the next two months or so, the results of this move were still overwhelming, so much so that he had to backtrack on his initial decision permanently.

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Depending Formulations a the edgeAnd the This new WhatsApp plan will be implemented indefinitelyBut, as mentioned earlier, there is a possibility of a change of mind at some point, when the situation calms down and the company is not in a lot of problems.

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