EBAU 2021: What are Selectividad Elective Subjects?

Students are not required to take the elective phase, but it is usually recommended.

As every year, thousands of young people in Spain face a critical test of their academic and professional futures. Many students encounter before they can enjoy the summer vacation The exam that can open doors College. However, to perform EBAUAnd the Formerly known as selectivity, it is necessary in the best possible way Keep calm and keep your temper. At the end of the day, there is another hurdle to overcome and going to the test with too much pressure can burden the result.

As it happens every year, Dates on which the EBAU is held They differ by independent community. What will remain, regardless of where the exam is taken, will be two calls, The first to be held in June And again, Which is called exceptional, which will take place in June, July or September.

Murcia will be the starting point and students will be called before the rest, while students from Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla will be the ones to do so later. Students from Navarra and La Rioja will also be screened soon (June 2, 3 and 4). The rest of the communities will celebrate the regular invitation of EBAU in the week of June 7-13.

Compulsory subjects in eclecticism

Faced with this first call, it is essential to know which topics will be mandatory and which are optional. It is that students face a test consisting of two phases, general or compulsory and specific or optional. In the compulsory stage of EBAU, the student takes four subjects, although in societies where there is a common official language, he will have to add another subject, as in the case of Galicia, Valencia, the Basque Country or Catalonia.

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Thus, the mandatory phase of the Selective Exam consists of four exercises: Spanish Language and Literature 2, History of Spain, Foreign Language (English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese). The last exercise will be related to one of the baccalaureate method topics that the student has taken. Thus, in the field of social sciences an examination Maths; In the humanities, that Latin II; In science, that Mathematics II And in the arts, that Fundamentals of the second art.

In independent societies where there is a common official language (Catalan, Valencian, Luskera, Galician), a fifth exercise will also be conducted to check language competence.

The elective stage of eclecticism

On the other hand, students can face part of the optional EBAU exam, i.e. They are not obligated to do so. In some cases, especially in high-demand jobs, it is usually a good way to raise the acceptance score by up to four points and thus bypass the cut-off marks set by universities.

At this volunteer stage, the student has the option of even screening Four subjects maximum, Although in some societies the number of subjects is limited to 3 (Catalonia, Navarra and the Balearic Islands).

Elective Stage Subjects:

Students who decide to undergo this stage of Selectividad, will have the possibility to choose between the general core subjects of the method, the core subjects of choice, and a second foreign language.

General basic topics of the method (It cannot be the same that was implemented in the mandatory stage)

  • Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences 2

  • Latin II

  • Mathematics II

  • Fundamentals of the second art

Basic themes option:

  • Biology (science)

  • Second technical drawing (scientific)

  • Physics)

  • Geology (science)

  • Chemistry Sciences)

  • Business Economics (Humanities and Social Sciences)

  • Geography (Humanities and Social Sciences)

  • Greek II (Humanities and Social Sciences)

  • Art History (Humanities and Social Sciences)

  • History of Philosophy (Humanities and Social Sciences)

  • Performing arts (arts)

  • Audiovisual Culture 2 (Arts)

  • Design (Arts)

It is also possible to specify a file A second foreign language that may not be the language that is made in the compulsory stage (English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese). The chosen foreign language must be different from the one used in the compulsory stage.

It must be remembered to choose a topic You don’t have to have worked with it during high school, It does not belong to the branch I studied. It is important to emphasize this Not all selected topics get the same score. Depending on the undergraduate degree you want to study, some subjects take on a different value. Those who are more related to the university degree you want to do will score more. This is a voluntary phase It will be valid for two years Academic, so this year will be in effect until the academic year 2022-2023.

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