It was a Netflix gem, but it sank at the worst moment: Critics destroy the series Stars of the Platform in its final stop – Series News

His final season was the worst in what has so far been a flawless career

Winner of 21 Emmy Awards, six Golden Globe Awards, three BAFTA Awards and countless other accolades, the crown It is considered One of the great leading .NET seriesSince the premiere of its first season in 2016, millions of fans around the world have surrendered to its undeniable virtues. The historical series was developed by Peter Morgan, who in his day was responsible for the film’s script the queen The series starring Helen Mirren, about the reign of Elizabeth II in Great Britain, is considered one of the best series of the last ten years and, as it was intended from the beginning, it completely fulfilled the initial plans of his career.

Since the first season of the crown Plans for the team led by Morgan began in 2016, which were to divide it into three stages of the life of the British monarch, with a different cast in each. Thus, Claire Foy was the heroine of the first two parts, Olivia Colman in the third and fourth parts, and Imelda Staunton in the fifth and sixth parts. However, although she achieved her goal, the crown It reached its final stretch with the worst news: the poor reception to its sixth season clouded its ability to be considered a great series.

However, it can still be saved.

The sixth and final installment of the crown It has just seen the light of day on the streaming platform with the premiere of its first four episodes, and since then, Unlike the previous five, this season will be broadcast in two parts. After that, the remaining six seasons will be released in the Netflix catalog on December 14.

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Although we still have to wait to find out the rating of the entire sixth season, it seems quite ambiguous at the moment: not only It’s, by far, the worst-rated installment of his entire run, but it’s practically on the verge of thrilling action. At the time of writing this article, it barely has 58% positive reviews on the review portal Rotten tomatoes The media is no less important Watchman, One of the UK’s leading newspapers gave it one star. “This Diana-obsessed season is the definition of bad writing. Despite a wonderful cast, it is a crude plunge into the abyss, especially in the outrageous scenes played by the Phantom Diana,” says the allegory. Rolling Stone, Endeavor, BBC, Vulture, Collider, The Hollywood Reporter And Windingamong others, did not give it much praise, agreeing that it lost a lot compared to the best renditions.

The bad reception for the sixth season of the series the crown This comes after the fifth season broke an amazing streak where each part was considered better than the previous one. With a score of 95%, season four is the highest-rated season of the series, but it dropped to 71% in the fifth installment, the first with Staunton.

It’s certainly not a good first step for Season 6 to serve as the culmination of a narrative we all wanted to be perfect, but it could still save the game in its eventual final stretch.

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