Fashion sales in the UK fell and contracted by 0.9% in October

Fashion sales in the UK fell in October. In the tenth month of the year, the country’s fashion retail trade recorded negative numbers again, causing its sales to decline by 0.9%. However, the decline was more moderate than in September, when it fell 1.6%, according to data from the Federal Reserve. Office for National Statistics.

he Sector returns To justify the decrease with “unusual heat” during the first weeks of the month in the United KingdomWhich led to a significant decline in sales of fall and winter products. In September, British telecommunications companies were also affected by rising temperatures, after being hit by one of the biggest heatwaves of the decade.

UK non-food trade fell 0.2% in October, compared to the sector’s 2.1% decline last month. For its part, sales of household appliances declined by 1.1%, with a more pronounced decline in stores dedicated to furniture distribution.

Total British retail sales fell by 0.3% in October, extending their decline for the second month in a row, although a slightly smaller decline than the 0.9% recorded by the sector in September.

British trade suffered a decline due to persistent inflation and reduced consumer flowsmotivated in particular by “wet weather” during the second half of the month.

Through the electronic channel Sales of textiles, clothing and footwear recorded year-on-year growth, specifically by 8.8%.. This distribution channel recorded an upward trend throughout the year, outpacing the overall UK e-commerce trend, where sales increased by 5.1%. Compared to the previous month, online clothing sales fell by 2.5%.

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UK fashion retail sales ended 2022 up 15.3%, the country’s biggest annual increase in 33 years. The only data that came close to this figure were those for 2021, when retail trade in the sector grew by 12.7% due to the low comparative base of the previous year, that is, the year of the outbreak of the epidemic. The worst development in the historical series occurred in 2020, when the sector collapsed by 25%.

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