It took a couple of months to hack the PlayStation Portal to turn it into a modern PSP that doesn't need an internet connection

It's been over 10 years since Sony released a new portable computer, but the closest it's come is the PlayStation Portal, which hasn't even been two months since its debut and It has already been hacked to play PSP titles. a “a job“Because this device is primarily just streaming PlayStation 5 content.

According to a Google cloud vulnerability researcher, Andy NguyenIn cooperation with security engineers from the famous website search engine, they were able to implement it on a Sony device Handheld console delivery locally and without the need for the Internet.

After over a month of hard work, PPSSPP is live locally on PlayStation Portal. Yes, we hacked it. With the help of xyz and ZetaTwo

They were able to install a PSP emulator called PPSSPP, since PS Gateway has internal components. According to Nguyen, the equipment has its own technical specifications 6 GB internal storage space It runs Android as the operating system. So it's not like that”difficult“Run the mentioned emulator, as it is compatible with this operating system

For those who aren't familiar with the PlayStation Portal, it's a device that can be described as a DualSense controller with a built-in display. This device can be used to play games remotely from your PlayStation 5, As long as it is running.

This device is currently available on the PlayStation Store for $199, which is approximately 3,392 pesos. It is worth noting that the Sony store only sells in dollars, so when you make a purchase, the currency will be exchanged according to the value of the dollar at that time.

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