Is your Xiaomi phone case yellow? Try this to leave it like new

With the passage of time, that transparent case that came with your new Xiaomi phone or that you bought on Aliexpress began to highlight the beautiful color of your mobile phone. It turns yellow very annoying. We tell you today How to clean the cover to correct this aspect.

When it comes to the quality of the covers, There is no way to beat this tune. Ultimately, what we consider most important is the mobile itself and its design, and we simply want to give it extra protection. Those plastics (regardless of their quality), after a few months, we’ll probably have a yellowish lid.

How to clean the transparent case to make it look like new

If your coverage reaches this situation, you don’t need to buy another cover, unless you want a new one at any cost. By following our advice you can return it to its original condition as if you had just bought it.

  1. Soap and water: The whole way of life. Washing the cover with soap and water (heater is better) will remove the most visible dirt and leave the cover looking fresh. Now it’s good to see.

  2. Isopropyl: This type of alcohol is also usually used to clean electronic devices and components, so why not do it with the lid on? Use a microfiber cloth and you will notice the difference.

  3. Bleach bath: Infallible against stains, the ads say so. Pouring a little bleach into a bowl of water (not a lot of bleach) is our favorite way to get this color out of a clear can. Of course, you must do this carefully, since you should not leave the cap on for more than 30 minutes and you have to wear yes or yes gloves.

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This last method is the best of the three when it comes to removing this yellowish tint. Of course, don’t go thinking that it will work miracles with a cover of Xiaomi Mi 9 Which I bought three years ago, the protagonist of this article, where we put it on the cover …

A problem that has no preventive solution

If this isn’t the first time this has happened to you and you want to avoid it, we’re sorry: it’s not possible. It does not matter if you spend 4 euros or 20Over time, it will succumb to yellow.

We highly recommend that you do this Find another item. There are now cases made of vegan leather and biopolymer materials that rarely stain, and while they don’t accentuate the design of the back of the Xiaomi phone, you won’t see a yellowish trace anywhere.

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