India’s new president takes office

India’s new president takes office. Photo: Latin Press.

Since Monday, the Indian armed forces have had the supreme commander, the newly inaugurated chief. Draupadi Mormo64 years old.

The Mormo took the presidential oath on Monday from the hand of Chief Justice Nevada Ramana, in a ceremony in the Central Hall of Parliament.

The newspaper said that the second woman in the position of commander-in-chief of the Indian armed forces entered history as the first tribal woman to hold the presidency of the country. Financial Express.

The new president belongs to one of the oldest tribes in India, the Santal, the largest in this Asian country, and in the 1850s, famous for its uprising against British colonial rule.

Born in 1958, Murmo is the daughter of a rice farmer and a member of the Ubarbeda village council, and before entering politics she was a teacher at Sri Aurobindo Rayrangpur Comprehensive Education Center in Mayorbang, Odisha state.

In her first address to the nation, the president said that the beauty of a national democracy lies in the fact that a poor woman from a faraway region has attained the highest constitutional office in the country.

Noting that his assumption of the presidency was not a personal achievement, but an achievement for all of India’s poor, he reiterated his determination to work for the advancement of the marginalized and the empowerment of women and youth for the inclusive growth of the country.

Mormo is also the country’s first female president born after independence and the youngest woman to hold this position.

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In addition, she is the second woman to become president after Pratibha Divenesh Patel, who was elected in 2007 as India’s first female head of state.

The term of the President of India is five years and no law can be applied in the country without his signature.

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