Is it up to the original?

All horror video game fans have a date marked on their calendar for October 8th this year, due to the fact that This is the exact release date for the highly anticipated remake of Silent Hill 2.. Above all, to check whether the expectations that exist regarding this new version of the saga will be fulfilled when the time comes, given the fact that the videos that came out of the game have been created. Some divisions of opinion in society.

However, I must say that new details of the game have come to light which has added to the hype I already had. But what exactly am I talking about? Well, from the idea that has already been revealed What will the cover and back cover of the physical copy of the Silent Hill 2 remake look like? I leave you with all the details and pictures below.

What will Silent Hill 2 cover be like?

  • The fact is that there is a chain of stores in Japan. They already have the toy box on their shelves so you can reserve it.
  • from here, The cover and back cover that came to light correspond to the Japanese version of the game. 👈
  • As for the cover, it shows the promotional image that we all know about the game, while the back cover matches it. A collection of several gameplay screenshots and character models.
  • I leave you with both shots below. (which was collected by a user known as jinki on twitter) so you can take a look at it with your own eyes:
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Of course, considering that sometimes there are regional differences in the designs of the covers of some games, it is possible that those in the West have some differences compared to those in Japan, so it remains to be seen all in the same this one. On the other hand, I only have one question left to ask you: Do you think this cover lives up to the original game? I leave you with a picture of it for your reference:

This was the original cover for Silent Hill 2.This was the original cover for Silent Hill 2.

If you want my honest opinion, and as much as I try to avoid any potential feelings of nostalgia, I can’t help but choose the new covers over the original game’s. And if I say this, it’s because I think the game I owned on PS2 knew how to perfectly capture the nightmarish theme of the game and the winding journey the protagonist went through within it. The new one, although I like it, looks a bit cute to me. What do you think? I read you in the comments.

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