Install the Tactical Medicine Module

Zacatecas. – As part of the process of ensuring the safety of citizens and those visiting the country, on the occasion of the Zacatecas Cultural Festival 2022, the Ministry of Public Security (SSP) has installed a service point for the medical unit

Preventive state police tactics.

The Special Operations Center has been located in the Rinconada de Catedral, in order to respond to emergencies that can arise during the development of the collective focus events and activities that take place within the framework of the cultural festival.

For this purpose, there is an official ambulance duly bearing the mark of the institution, in which emergency medical assistance and first aid are provided, there are trained personnel of both sexes, nursing graduates, emergency medical technicians and a doctor of the Ministry of Health.

They have equipment for different patients

The medical unit staff owns equipment for patients with injuries, equipment for the care of clinical patients, as well as for the care of diversified patients, it is also connected to the 9-1-1 emergency system, for a better distribution of patients. Means.

In order to prevent accidents, as well as to provide timely medical care, one group of specialized personnel conducts a security and monitoring march on the ground, while another group remains steadfastly in the center of attention.

It should be noted that the SSP has deployed a special security apparatus, in which it coordinates efforts with the National Guard and the Mexican Army, to provide security and reassurance for those attending the various events held within the framework of the festival.

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