Adrián Uribe will appear again in a reality show on Televisión Azteca

Mexico. Adrián Uribe may be the host of a new reality show on Televisión Azteca. It is indicated in many news portals that the actor and comedian will be one of the candidates for this project.

Adrián Uribe has had an exclusive contract for years with Televisa, but once it expires he is available to work on any project they give him and Televisión Azteca seems interested in him.

According to the Twitter account “La comadrita”, Adrián Uribe will be the host of the next reality show she’s famous for…get me out of here, But at the moment neither TV Azteca nor Uribe himself has confirmed it.

I’m Famous… Get Me Out of Here 12 celebrities who will give up their lives of comfort and luxury to enter an island where they will face many challenges, is a reality show created in the United Kingdom by Granada TV.

I’m Famous…Get Me Out Of Here has been successful in the UK, France, Sweden, Hungary, the US, Denmark, Russia and Australia, and is expected to gain the same acceptance in Mexico.

But there are other names of famous Mexicans who appear as hosts of said reality show are Cynthia Rodriguez, “El Capy” Perez, Poncho de Negres, Jesica Koch, Kenya Os and Fernando Alonso, but it will be in a few days when more information will be given regarding.

Undoubtedly any of the above would do an excellent job as a driver, but as far as Adrián Uribe is concerned, he is originally from CDMX, has emerged as a comedian, actor and driver on TV, and is the creator and translator of characters such as “El Vítor”, “Carmelo” and “Poncho Aurelio”.

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Adrián Uribe has participated in Mexican TV shows such as La Hora Pico and also in several TV series, Among them is Alma de Hierro, for her I am Eva and like you there are no two.

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