Inspectors deplore the “hand-picked” choice of someone like Monteiro as London's finance minister

The Association of State Treasury Inspectors (IHE) has appealed the pro bono appointment of the new UK Finance Minister, Marta de Andres Novo. Published on February 7 in the Bank of EnglandTaking into account that your profile does not match the benefits and requirements required to be invited for this position.

Marta de Andrés was, until a few days ago, Technical Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance, headed by María Jesús Montero.

According to inspectors “It's annoying” That positions of importance and specialization such as this one, where the main issues of the interests of Spain and its citizens abroad are managed, are entrusted to persons who “They are not certified in their careers The basic requirements required by the said position and It once again reveals unwanted politicization Which has been implemented in recent years in public administration.

The royal order regulating the provision of jobs in financial departments indicates that they must be filled by members of one of the higher bodies associated with the ministry (treasury inspectors or state auditors and auditors), or by the state attorney. De Andres is part of the state's top body of civil officials.

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