Guatemala hopes to repair four thousand schools before next April

The portfolio hopes to gradually work on six thousand more, in which it will invest approximately $58 million, in order to complete a total of 10,000 restored facilities in 2024, according to an official source.

Minidoc Technical Deputy Minister, Francisco Cabrera, explained that the renovation work is organized, and that it will give priority to rural, abandoned and damaged areas due to climate events, and its goal is to urgently improve their conditions.

The official added that the intervention includes roofs, classrooms, floors, doors, windows, gates and surrounding walls, in addition to health services.

He reiterated that the work will be accelerated through parent organizations, an idea launched by the country's president, Bernardo Arevalo, on the second of this month, at the Naxumbal School, in the municipality of Tamahu, Alta Verapaz province.

Cabrera, who ensured Mineduc's supervision, said a field technician and an architect or engineer from each administrative directorate will accompany the operation, which will allow the scope of the work to be determined.

A survey conducted by the current portfolio authorities showed that about 10,000 schools require repair work, as they previously lacked proper maintenance.

In one week, the school year will begin in Guatemala's public sector, with an estimated 2.5 million students enrolled.

However, the Deputy Minister pointed out that the interventions should have begun six months ago by the previous administration headed by Alejandro Giammattei (2024-2024).

He considered that the 10,000 that we hope to deliver at the end of 2024 exceeds what was worked on in the previous two governments, which means “an economic effort.”

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During his visit to Alta Verapaz, Arevalo commented that this state owes a debt to all its residents, because for a long time we have not invested in the same way to achieve development for all parties with fairness and justice.

The president promised to return to the municipality within three months, to see how everyone was able to work on building and improving the school, as part of the national effort.


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