Insabi will spend four thousand million pesos on medicines على

According to the Ministry of the Interior (Segob), through the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF), the Institute of Health for Welfare (Insabi) of the State of Chiapas, through an agreement between the federal and state authorities, will invest an amount of four 1,192 million 177 thousand 990 pesos for 98 cents, to provide free services to those without social security and also to supply medicines and other supplies.

This amount of money, detailing the document published on July 19 in the Ministry of Finance, must be exercised by December 31 this year. Resources will be delivered on a quarterly basis and include April, July and October.

Of the funds foreseen in the agreement, “up to 50% of the above-mentioned resources may be used exclusively for the payment of salaries of employees whose financing has been authorized until December 31, 2020 from transferred resources (…)”.

According to the Ministry of Finance, the authorities will have to invest at least 32% of resources in the purchase and delivery of medicines, as well as therapeutic materials and other supplies.

There are agreements to use 20% in preventive activities and health promotion. The rest can be directed to expenses required by medical units.

“Only in fully justified or exceptional cases, the composition of the said percentages may be modified, provided that the financial characteristics and health services of the entity ensure this, on the understanding that such adjustments must be approved and previously approved by Insabi,” the agreement notes.

With regard to personnel, the parties involved in the coordination stated that physicians or associated staff appointed under the federal budget cap must have Social Security and the benefits established by the rule, even if they are temporary. Everything related to their activities and salaries should be formally determined.

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The parties agreed that if vacancies exist, new places would be assigned to persons associated with medical branches and “should, subject to the availability of resources, be made with respect to physicians, nurses, community managers of primary health care, community coordinators, primary health care managers and other personnel necessary to promote free provisioning.” For health services, medicines and other supplies associated with people without social security, preferably at the first level of care (…)”.

As a solidarity contribution, the facility will contribute two thousand 82 million 773 thousand 370 pesos at a value of 29 cents, meaning that the quarterly contributions will be 520 million 693 thousand 342 pesos at 57 cents.

Insabi may suspend the supply of resources if the entity does not contribute the corresponding amount.

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