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This failed to register the second vaccine

British government health officials have asked people to check if their data appears in the app
More than 35 million Britons with two vaccines can travel to amber and green destinations without the need for quarantine الحاجة

Britons who have been fully vaccinated for a holiday abroad may miss out on a simple typo in the NHS app. There are now more than 35 million Britons who have already received two doses of the vaccine, so they can travel to green and green destinations without having to quarantine. Spain is on the Amber Plus list, for now (Spain can go for the UK’s Amber Plus list).

NHS officials have revealed that the error occurs when vaccine center staff fail to click a final ‘save’ when people receive their second dose.

It also happens when the information is not completed correctly. This may result in the second vaccination not being registered. In this way, the NHS does not correctly record the second dose of the vaccine, reports The Telegraf

British government health officials have asked people to check that their data appears in the app, and if not, they should contact their GP.

A spokesperson for the Department of Health and Social Assistance said: “The information shown comes from national NHS systems and if a patient’s information is incorrect or missing they can contact their GP, who will be able to update their record.”

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