Initial debate on the presidential vacancy begins in Peru

He was rejected by representatives of the leftist parties Peru Libre, Together for Peru and New Peru, and from the centre, Podemos Peru, Somos Peru and Partido Morado, which added enough congressional votes to prevent a vacancy.

After a meeting with the president at the end of a round of talks with the seats, they announced that they would vote this Tuesday against the initiative and Peru’s Secretary-General Lieber, Vladimir Ceron, declared it a failure.

The plenary session of the Congress of the Republic will debate whether to accept the debate proposing the removal (removal) of the president, which requires the votes of 52 (40 percent) of 130 lawmakers, which is fewer than the three proposed positions, and therefore requires the support of lawmakers from other groups.

Cerrone explained that, given that the president’s impeachment does not have the 87 votes needed to approve it, it doesn’t make sense to agree to his move to the substantive debate.

The event approved the dismissal of the seats of the Renewal of the People, the Popular Force and Avanza Paes, whose general secretary, Rodolfo PĂ©rez, joined the group rejecting the vacant post, although his seat was repudiated.

The leaders of the three councils rejected a dialogue in which visitors, they announced, recommended changes in government, better selection of collaborators, increased transparency and communication, and a change in the style of government.

All of the governor’s interlocutors spoke of the concept of governance and stability, notions the government claims are against intent to remove the president from office because of “permanent moral impotence,” an imprecise reason provided for in the Constitution.

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The Free Party, which elected Castillo as president, left differences that kept him away and rejected the post, calling him a coup leader.

Hours earlier, the centrist Alliance for Progress Party endorsed its refusal to impeach the presidency and voted against accepting it in the debate, and most of the popular action deputies, from the same line, spoke in the same direction.

The right-wing movement gained strength last week after a report was published on Castillo’s meetings with businessmen and officials outside the government palace, the only place the president can serve, according to current legislation.

This and other weak wings are not included in the vacancy proposal, as in the past, and radical opponents and conservative Congress President Maria del Carmen Alva are planning to introduce another element with the new items.

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