Influencer avatar caller, the best of MVFV from Metaverse

One of the funniest things about Metaverse Fashion Week (MVFV) is photography, the place where paparazzi and TV cameras immortalized the touching avatars of MVFV. Just as in real life events, cameras and paparazzi did not stop shooting flashes at all the celebrities who attended the first Metaversian Fashion Week, staged in the Decentraland metaverse last week. All reporters and cameras were in uniform, probably out of organizational necessity.

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Selfridges opens its first Web3 store in the Decentraland metaverse

Avatar is one of the most influential avatars in the metaverse

In addition to the many rallies, the Blockchain Observatory has attended several events organized around MVFV. We walked into several stores, watched some broadcasts, tried new ad formats and danced to 80s music at a party. This post collects some of the places we’ve been through during MVFV.

NFTs at the Bored Monkey Yacht Club show what consumption would look like in the Metaverses

As in the video above, cameras and paparazzi capture the arrival of a celebrity at the first Metaversian Fashion Week. On the back of the photo are the names of UNXD, the company organizing the event, and Vogue magazine, which had its own stand.

Fashion brands that will be in the Decentraland metaverse fashion week


Although we saw buses cruising through the metaverse, we walked the observatory to all places, and that was a bit cumbersome. More so, considering we had to watch all the parades standing up, because the Decentraland avatars still lacked the seating function.

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We tell you the differences between different types of metaverses

Here we are looking at Paco Rabanne’s range of NFTs. It is inspired by the haute couture dresses made by the Spanish fashion designer in 1966 and the gallery is located on one of the floors opened by the luxury department store Selfridges in Decentraland.

In this image we enter a replica of the iconic store that Selfridges opened in 2003 in a shopping center in Birmingham (UK). The symbolic janitor was European time and was not there at night. It looked nice.

Swiss watches

The exterior and interior of the facility owned by Swiss designer and watch manufacturer Franck Muller in Decentraland. The inside of the shop is very beautiful and all the clocks are moving.

Posters for the Lion range of products from the Swiss multinational Nestlé

Impressive how the advertisement of one of the stellar products of the cosmetic brand Estèe Lauder looked. The container can be seen from different points of view and places. It looked like a giant statue.

Listed buys large property in the metaverse for events and fashion shows

A physical store in the metaverse for an online store

In one of the street lanes where the major luxury brands are located, we find Monnier Paris. It’s an e-commerce site, created in 2011, with a physical store in the metaverse. The head office of the company is in Paris. In Decentraland, the Monnier Store sells virtual suits and bags in NFT format. in that web page It has a virtual fashion department to chime in with its clients, who increasingly belong to Generation Z.

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Real estate companies are preparing to list their properties in the metaverse

Here, take a tour of an event, where you can appreciate the sophistication that some avatars wear. We’ll have to renovate the locker room!

The future of NFTs: It’s the community, you idiot!

Enjoy the space created by Meta Fashion House, a consulting firm for NFTs and metaverses.

The emergence of the MVFW platform

Dance at an MVFW party to the beat of the 80’s.

As in real life, the space for celebrities to stand in the photo is protected by fences. In the background, pages of fashion magazines.

One of the halls of Selfridges store, where we were able to admire the wonderful exhibition of Paco Rabanne’s suit collection.

Metaverse or large cargo factory built with NFTs

A space where Chinese designer Guo Pei displayed her suits in NFT format. Bey is known all over the world for dressing up celebrities, such as singer Rihanna. The designer owns a physical store on the legendary Parisian rue Saint Honore.

programmable art

Here we are at Async Art Gallery, a programmable art platform that its creators define as a blockchain-based art movement. The striped woman’s body was moving and the entire room was very attractive.

JP Morgan opens a branch in the Decentraland metaverse with a photo of CEO Jamie Dimon

At Etro, the Italian fashion house. The interior of the store was lined with fabrics typical of this brand.

We tell you about the role NFTs play in building metaverses

Party at Meta Fashion House.

NFTs as a bridge between the economy of opulence and the economy of productive scarcity

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Gary James McQueen Store

Store neighbor James McQueen, nephew of Alexander McQueen, with whom I work for a long time. Gary launched his first digital fashion show in April of last year. Your establishment is located next to the photo shoot and the stand of Vogue magazine

General Motors ads

General Motors showed its own booth at Metaverse Fashion Week, showing videos of the latest electric models from Cadillac or Hummer.

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