Kate Middleton, Pippa Middleton and Zara Tindall unite to deny Meghan Markle

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for the second year Kate Middleton She organized a Christmas carol party as part of the Christmas celebrations and invited the entire royal family. In 2022, it was filmed amid controversy surrounding the Prince Harry W Meghan Markle Where they revealed some of the secrets of Buckingham Palace in an attempt to create offspring from Queen Isabel II.

Kate Middleton unites her allies to deny Meghan Markle

Several family members are said to have come together to deny the Duchess of Sussex’s allegations in the production. In the first part of the documentary, he confirmed that he could not hold the same color as another member of the royal family when he was a senior member, This is why she always wore clothes in shades of brown, black and white because bright colors were reserved for the king.

however, Kate Middleton, Zara Tindall, is said to have a daughter Princess Anne s Pippa MiddletonHer sister got together to deny what Meghan Markle said in a very subtle and elegant way. They attended the Christmas party wearing the same color, which shows that it is possible to repeat the colors.

All three wore a dark burgundy coat. Very elegant to celebrate. even the youngest guest, Princess CharlotteAlso attended the same color. talking about men, Prince William wore a matching tie, as did Zara Tindall’s husband, Mike Tindall.

Kate Middleton clearly has allies in this dispute, of course we are talking about her sister, her husband on her side and cousin Prince William.

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It was a very special scene as more than 1,800 people gathered in the monastery, With the sole aim of recognizing the efforts of individuals, families and communities across the UK, as well as honoring Queen Elizabeth II.

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