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Some researchers agree that simply opening a window to remove polluted elements from the interior space is of no benefit in urban areas with a large number of buildings, because polluted air from outside can enter the house at the same time.

This has motivated a group of scientists from the University of Washington, in the United States, to work on a new generation of plants, designed to be effective in purifying the air.

Argentine researchers recently discovered a new species of rodent in the Laguna Brava Provincial Reserve, La Rioja Province, in that South American country. He belongs to the genus Ctenomysa group of rodents with mostly underground habits, commonly called the occulto, or toco-toco.

Regarding physical characteristics, the rodent weighs 300 grams, has a strong body and long nails that allow it to dig for cover in burrows. On the legs there are hairs arranged in one row. In addition, it has very small eyes and ears and a relatively short tail, unlike the mice we are used to seeing. The forelimbs and hindlimbs are short and strong, characteristics that make them good diggers.

Toko toko rodents

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