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A few weeks ago, WhatsApp Web In its beta version it introduced a security tool called “Screen Lock”, however, it has only just officially arrived in the stable platform of the above-mentioned service of Meta. Would you like to know how to use it? At Depor we will teach you the process immediately.

What is the new job? As its name indicates, you are going to “Lock the screen” of WhatsApp Web and you will be able to access your account only by entering the password that you must have created previously. Best of all, this is a native feature, which means you will no longer have to download third-party software or Chrome extensions like WA Web Plus.

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The screen will lock automatically if there is no activity after 1 minute or 15 minutes, it can also be within an hour. In addition, we will tell you what happens if you forget your password, since there is a fairly safe way to regain access to your chats.

This is how you can enable password screen lock in WhatsApp

  • First, open WhatsApp Web And link your account in the traditional way (by scanning the QR code).
  • Now, click on the three dots icon located in the top right corner.
  • Several options will be displayed, tap on “Settings” and then on the “Privacy” section.
  • Scroll down and tap “screen’s lock“> Check the box with the same name.
  • Create a password (make sure no one sees it) > Click OK.
  • Finally, choose after how many minutes you want to lock out due to inactivity.
  • To confirm the changes made, return to the main interface and click on the three dots again.
  • Finally, click on “Lock Screen”.
  • Forgot your password? Just log out and link your account.
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How to detect a dangerous link on WhatsApp

  • do not open connection If it is accompanied by a message promising prizes (TVs, mobile phones, video game consoles, etc.), offers and discounts in a particular store.
  • Contact this company via social media and confirm whether it is true or false.
  • Also, do not enter the link if they ask for your personal data or financial information (card numbers, accounts, passwords, etc.).
  • Do not open the link if it is from an unknown user, and remember that there are automatic download links, so it is possible to infect your mobile device with viruses.
  • Another way to detect fake links on WhatsApp It is to verify the URL of the link. If the URL is not from a website you know or if it contains strange characters, it is likely malicious.

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