In the Faculty of Social Sciences, a list was imposed to nominate Ana Arias as Dean | Elections at UBA College

In elections for faculty members of the Faculty of Social Sciences at UBA toto Social in Motion list, It is promoted by the Peronists, the center left and the independent sectorsقطاع Which has Ana Arias as a candidate for dean, a social worker, MA in Social Policy and PhD in Social Sciences. Social in Motion has been acquired 52.89 percent of the vote, While the list common social, with the support of radical university, and a candidate for dean Anna CatalanoShe got 44.44 percent of the vote. Thus, the majority list will be represented by five directors and the minority by three. The electoral process for the teaching staff took place in conjunction with the elections of the five directors of posts and members of the councils. Four of the five winning candidates to lead the races represent the sector that also prevailed in the teachers’ elections.

The Boards of Directors of UBA Colleges consist of sixteen members: eight professors, four alumni, and four students. And therefore, Electing faculty is key in trying institutional leadership.

The Social Teachers’ elections were held between Tuesday and Thursday. Menu 1 added, Social in Motion 119 votes in favor of, while List added 8, Social in Common, 100. “We are convinced that the commitment of the entire social community, in respectful and democratic coexistence, is key to rebuilding our common home. We advocate this for the future,” the most prominent winner list.

The college’s political landscape will end with the election of graduates and students.


Also, in the social sciences, directors and members of professional councils were elected this week, which is very important in the inner life of the college.

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* On Communication Sciences The current director, Laura Kejvall, was re-elected with 77.04 percent of the vote, with support from Nexo, the historic group of alumni and educators who run the profession, and through the winning list from the Social in Movement.

* On Political Science Elsa Llenderrozas, from the radically backed pluralist alternative, was re-elected by the sector represented by Social in Common, and Llenderrozas was re-elected with 70.41 percent of the vote.

* On Sociology Rodrigo Salgado, the race’s current academic secretary, won 71.79 percent of the vote. Salgado is supported by Sociología en Plural and Sociales en Movimiento.

* On work’s relationships Mariana Nogueira won 46.81 percent of the vote and thus defeated Mariano Batistuti, with the support of Prioridad RT and UES, who were seeking re-election. Nogueira’s candidacy was supported by Somos RT – Sociales en Movimiento.

* On Social Service won the title Karina Soraya Giraldes, whose List 10 plurality promoted her, was accompanied by Social in Movement.

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