Bans UK Access to Bitcoin Core and White Paper

Not only White papers or a technical document, but Bitcoin Core is also blocked from for UK residents. The event comes days after a London court ruled in favor of Craig Wright, who claims to be the author of the aforementioned technical document. For this reason, Cøbra, the operator of the aforementioned website, had to remove the text from his portal.

The news was released today, July 2, by a Bitcoiner known as Glen Hodl, through his site Twitter account. Information can be confirmed when entering the web page صفحة The following warning was posted: “This software is not currently available for download in the UK, download links will not work if you are in the UK.”

According to Cobra, Reason Since I also removed the ability to download the program, it is Because of White papers Bitcoin is also on the blockchain. Depending on your interpretation of the law, since the technical document can be downloaded through the software, you cannot distribute it either. “We have to abide by the law,” said the anonymous developer.

[En caso de no cumplir la orden] The site will be banned in the UK. People associated with the company behind can also be jailed for up to two years if they visit the UK. This is not fun and games, this is the law.

Cobra, Bitcoin Developer

The White papers of disagreement

Properties White papers (The White Paper) The center of the dispute in recent days has been between Craig Wright, who claims to be its author, and Cøbra, the operator of A court intervened in the dispute and ruled in Wright’s favour. In it, it was decided that the aforementioned website should remove the document from its portal, as reported by CriptoNoticias.

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The hearing took place on 28 June in London approx. Cobra was “present” in the room thanks to video calling technology. However, in order to testify orally, he was asked to formally identify himself, which Developer, what For years he remained unknown, refusing to do so on this occasion.

Neither the Bitcoin white paper nor the Bitcoin Core program is now on

Bitcoin workers wonder what’s going on

Before Cobra points out why Bitcoin Core has also been removed from his website, in addition to the document, Some users questioned the reason for this action.

He was told by a Twitter user known as Max Trotter ask To Adam Buck, Co-Founder and CEO of Blockstream: “Do you have an idea why this is banned in the UK?” Businessman replied What is the reason for that? It is possible that Cobra did not consult a lawyer and does not properly interpret the law.

bitcoiner is specified as ndeet, telescope which Cobra may wish to “draw attention to the implications for the British legal system of the mistreatment of Vakitoshi”. In any case, he was against this measure and added: “Letting the decision of the technical document affect the download of the program is a bit suspicious, in my opinion.”

Another Twitter user asked himself “Where and how is geo-blocking implemented”. “I am using a small ISP and I don’t think they are connected directly. It seems to be happening at the DNS level or nationally and with very specific error messages.”

It should be noted that although access to the UK IP address is blocked, It is possible to download a file White papers From Bitcoin through alternative solutionsLike virtual private networks (VPNs) and other websites that host the software.

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