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Mexican director Michele Garza Cervera won two awards at the Tribeca Film Festival with her feature debut, Hoesira.
Prior to the world premiere of her film at the New York Film Festival, Michelle managed to win the award for Best New Fiction Director, the Nora Efron Award, which is given annually to a filmmaker whose film debuts at the festival.

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Huesera is the first feature film by Garza Cervera and co-writer Abia Castillo. It is a co-production between Mexico and Peru that tells the story of Valeria, a woman who manages to realize her dream of becoming pregnant with her husband, Raúl; However, little by little his mood darkens.
“I tell the stories of characters we can identify and make use of imagination to emphasize their contradictions. I believe that in each of us lives a hero and at the same time lives a monster.
“Frankenstein is the best example: the creation of a monster occurs when you interact with society. I tend to focus on the horrific atmosphere, both visual and sound, that surrounds these characters. I use it to represent the oppression, systemic or familial, that they feel, or want to escape from, or want to destroy.” My goal is to be able to tell shady stories while making one socio-political comment at a time,” the director commented in interviews prior to awarding the award.
Michelle Garza Cervera is a graduate of the Film Training Center in Mexico City. He was awarded a scholarship to study in the UK and did a master’s degree in directing from Goldsmiths University.
The Tribeca Film Festival brings together visionaries from all industries and audiences to celebrate the power of the art of storytelling.

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