In JJ it is forbidden to wear swimming caps for athletes with African hair. OO.

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Controversial decision by International Swimming Federation By banning the use of hats Special size for athletes afro hair On Olympic Games, because it does not follow the natural form of human head They can bring certain advantages to those who use them.

This is so for 3 years, the company spirit hats Obtained a new design patent from swimming capA little bigger than usual, thinking about these people afro hair Or that when you pick it up they need more space.

The project was initially for black swimmers, however, it has expanded little by little and is now one of the most used swimming brands around the world.

What advantages can you enjoy?

The FINA It explains in a statement that athletes competing in international events have never used, nor need to wear, caps of this size. Especially for the space and comfort they can have with that hat, compared to regular hats, which are smaller in size.

creators of caps and founders spirit hats, TOk Ahmed y Michael ChampmanShow against this scale from FINA, ensuring that athletes of all styles and genders are not contained.

“When we were young, swimming was never considered a black sport. This means that children did not chase it, parents did not encourage it, and school teachers did not promote it. We believe that the rejection comes from a lack of thought regardless of the variety and different requirements that non-athletes may have. eggs ” tux for the purpose of metro From United kingdom.

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This problem has taken more force due to Alice Dearing, one of the swimmers who followed them and the first black woman to represent them Britain At the Olympics, he raised his voice.

“I am very happy to be the person who broke that barrier. It is a really exciting time for me and for black history and culture. At the same time, it is a shame that it took until 2021 to get to this point because we have gone through so many hardships beyond sport.”

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