Important Technologies You Should Be Using at Home

Technology plays an important role in our lives. When used properly, it can make your life easier and can keep you safe and healthy. Some of them have to be purchased as gadgets, while others can be used as mobile apps. In this guide, we will cover some important technologies you should be using at home.

Water Testing Kits

One thing many people take for granted is access to clean water. If you usually drink tap water, it can be essential to test it to ensure it doesn’t have any contaminants. This is especially important for people who live in older houses. These buildings may have lead pipes, and you may end up consuming lead in your water. Older houses may also be built with asbestos. This is another dangerous contaminant that can cause peritoneal mesothelioma and other health issues. Doing a water test is quite simple. You can take a sample and send it to one of the accredited Ivario labs. You will then receive detailed results online with recommendations and expert advice. You may need to install a water filtration system if your water is exposed to lead.

Emergency Response Systems

You usually won’t be able to predict emergencies like heart attacks. This is why you need to install emergency response systems. One item you should buy is the panic alarm, and this is especially useful for elderly people and those with serious health conditions. This small and portable device can send SOS alerts in case of distress.

Driving Assistance Technologies

Most of us are in a car nearly every day of our lives. This is likely the most dangerous activity you engage in, so it makes sense to use driving assistance technologies. Companies like Ford have been testing autonomous vehicles, but these are still not perfect. Right now, you can buy vehicles with technologies like pre-collision warning systems, pre-collision brake assist, and road sign assist.

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Air Quality Monitoring Devices

You should install air quality monitoring devices at home and at your workplace. This is because contaminated air can lead to short-term and long-term health issues. It can trigger headaches, fatigue, sore eyes, and even heart disease. Some elements that can be tested with air quality monitoring devices include mold, dust, pet dander, chemical pollutants, and nitrogen dioxide. These devices will also alert you if your air is contaminated with carbon monoxide from gas, kerosene, or cigarette smoke.

Wearable Health Trackers

You can get wearable health trackers from a wide range of companies. These devices will monitor your heart rate, sleep patterns, and other vital signs. You can use this data to adjust your lifestyle or schedule hospital visits.


There are many technologies you can use to improve your life and promote personal safety. These include water testing kits and filtration systems. You also need to get emergency response systems, driving assistance technologies, air quality monitoring devices, and wearable health trackers. With increased competition in the market, you should be able to find devices within your price range.

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