Immigrants in the United States | Welcome to the United States | This platform can help you find a sponsor to immigrate to a North American country RPPUSA

Obtaining a sponsor can be a less complicated task, if we consider this tool that provides assistance to those seeking to establish themselves in the United States.

The new immigration program that provides the opportunity to legally immigrate to it United State 24,000 Venezuelans rely on the platform Welcome to the United States. This tool, which was launched more than a year ago, has facilitated the provision of assistance to American refugees, starting with citizens of Afghanistan, then Ukrainians, and now extending to Venezuelans. The platform acts as an intermediary, connecting potential beneficiaries with sponsors willing to provide financial support.

Cecilia Muñoz, Co-Chair Welcome to the United StatesIn a press conference, he highlighted the positive response from Americans interested in welcoming refugees, stressing the importance of sponsors in the immigration process. Their participation is essential, because potential beneficiaries need a sponsor to request the procedure directly, according to the US Citizenship and Immigration Service United State (Yoskis).

The Venezuelan visa sponsorship process includes completing and submitting Form I-134 to Uscis on behalf of the beneficiary. To facilitate this connection between sponsors and beneficiaries, Venezuelan activists are urging potential Shepherds To register on the platform Welcome to the United StatesWhich will be launched in the coming days regarding the Venezuelan issue. María Antonietta Díaz, founding president of the Venezuelan American Alliance (VAA), explained that the platform unites the two groups, allowing them to register, provide data and establish links.

Diaz stressed the efforts made to use the 24,000 opportunities as quickly as possible, with the aim of expanding the migration process and benefiting more Venezuelans. He recommended that potential beneficiaries and sponsors register on the platform to obtain information about beginning the process, highlighting the assistance guides available to understand the responsibilities and meaning of being a Shepherd.

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