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As mentioned above, WhatsApp Plus V17.60 It has many features, such as the latest version that allows you to change the color of the entire APK, control who can call you, and even block certain people from calling you before adding their numbers.

But what people are looking for in WhatsApp Plus V17.60 Is that it contains improvements in the privacy aspect, in addition to monitoring the time a person calls even though he decided to hide that information. Additionally, it will notify you every time someone changes their profile picture.

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But there is more to it and that's why we have prepared a list with all the details of the latest APK January 2024 release.

What's new in WhatsApp Plus V17.60: Latest APK version

  • The first thing is that this has actually greatly improved the blocking issue. For no reason in the world, you will be banned or lose access to your WhatsApp Plus V17.60 account.
  • It also corrects early expiration, i.e. you won't see any kind of sign that you should install the newer version or something like that.
  • The scheduling of messages to be sent automatically has also been improved, and you are allowed to forward statuses from other users.
  • This APK file not only brings once-heard audios, but also offers different types of audio modification, just like Instagram or TikTok.
  • One of the features that impressed WhatsApp Plus V17.60 users is the appearance of message bombs, meaning that those texts or images will disappear after viewing them.
  • You will also be allowed to access stories deleted by other users and you will have the ability to read messages deleted by other users.
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Download WhatsApp Plus V17.60: Latest version January 2024

  • To get started, you'll need to make a backup of the regular WhatsApp app on your mobile device.
  • Try to ensure that the weight is minimum to avoid any kind of disturbance in your chats or Google Drive.
  • Once you are done with what you need to do, uninstall WhatsApp completely.
  • Check if there are any folders left inside your internal storage.
  • Later you should download WhatsApp Plus V17.60 on your mobile device. You just have to enter this .
  • Once you get the application on your terminal, we refer to it as APK

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