IAG. Return flights from London go unnoticed by their actions

addresses IAG It is trading shyly this Tuesday, practically flat, oscillating between positive or negative terrain after closing the first session of the week with a slight rise of 0.49 percent, to 1.82 euros per share.

Thus, investors are showing their indifference to the news that one of the group’s major airlines, British Airways (Bachelor’s), flights resumed from London cityLondon Metropolitan Airport, which serves as a dispatch and reception center for business flights on the Old Continent.

This movement of the Library of Alexandria, which was joined by the German LufthansaIt is the beginning of the reopening of airports for the same commercial purpose ZurichAnd Frankfurt And Rotterdam It is expected to return to normal operations at the end of the month.

Flexibility in business/leisure trips

Regarding London, with direct access to city And Canary QuayIt is expected that flights will increase by 70% this month by about 260 flights per week, according to the data it deals with Bloomberg.

Though airport operations manager, Alison Fitzgerald, they note that it will remain well off pre-pandemic levels with an 80 per cent drop in trips compared to 2019, although they estimate that Face-to-face meetings will increase.

They base their expectations on the fact that the pandemic has increased the flexibility of work Many managers, executives, and employees will benefit from this type of short-distance travel to combine work and leisure.

Investors determine the waiting time

At the moment, they have checked out of London City Airport “Early signs of recovery, some signs of good load factors, expected reserves and hopefully more frequencies.”Fitzgerald explained.

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Despite this kind of news, investors remain cautious despite the reopening, fearing new restrictions that conflict with expectations of reactivating movements and more taking into account the UK’s actions on third parties, including Spain, the other party in the middle. IAG heart with Iberia.

Thus, the company’s shares lost 5.5 percent in August and fell about 30 percent from the annual highs it set in March at 2.53 euros, up more than 30 percent in the first three months. It is now advancing just under 2 per cent a year with actions at €1.80.

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