“I am happy to be in my country”

German Quiroga He smiles and says bluntly: His return to NASCAR Mexico was not what he expected 10 years after he left as the prodigal son of the class in search of the American dream. His face is the same, as if time had just stopped for him in a truce with Kronos to appear as it is when he packed a bundle of longing in his bag without imagining that it would be the beginning of a series of twists that would only make him stronger.

The winner of three consecutive championships between 2009 and 2011 in the national series returned to the tracks after a five-year hiatus when he did not find the care needed to continue his career in the United States, as he became the heir to Carlos Contreras, the first Mexican driver in the series in 1999 – and based on his resilience. Deep, he managed to establish himself among the top five drivers in 2013 and 2014 in his class.

“Happy to be on the slopes again, to be able to go back to my country to compete with my people, the truth is I had an exceptional reception. I had many pleasant surprises and I am very happy to get into a class where I haven’t competed in 10 years and I see people remember me and the past what I left In 3 championships 2009, 2010 and 2011 in NASCAR Mexico. Tuxtla Gutierrez didn’t work the way we wanted it to; Zero has to do with the reversal of what we can achieve,” he told RECORD.

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Which is that Quiroga tried to make some applications in the HO Speed ​​Racing car 11 – which he drives in place of his good friend Hugo Oliveras who is recovering from a health problem – as he did when he passed through a NASCAR Camping Truck chained but the car did not respond to him and ended up abandoning Chiapas oval;

“As I said, when you make a mistake, you should be the first to admit it, here the error was 100% mine and not the team’s fault. And it wasn’t the adaptation, we have the speed, and we couldn’t show it because we were running some tests in the car that I focused on. As a result of this. Things are painful, so we will focus on getting wins starting with Querétaro and replacing wins so that we can finally from those points at the end of the year to fight for the title and this start is not a handicap”, he confirms.

“I think all the mistakes that have arisen in my career, whether external or external, have been for something and I have come back stronger. I have developed that way and in the United States little by little and with effort I am starting to get podium results – there are no podiums in NASCAR, But in the top three – and I started to be consistent. It was solid stumbles but I take back what I learned and start to get results. This is the case of Tuxtla Gutierrez, who started with a very strong stumbling block. I see how to turn it around and eventually I will be able to Fighting for the championship, “he adds.

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