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At the 2nd Ibero-American Congress of Medical Students (Cicem) 2023, two medical students participated with distinction in the academic and scientific competitions of the event, which included students from all over Ibero-America.

Written by Gabriela Hernandez. November 14, 2023.

From October 24 to 28, Juan Diego Pichihua and Diego Guevara visited Cancun to meet other medical students and professionals in the field and exchange knowledge through keynote lectures, talks with experts, workshops, the “Desafio” competition and other academic and scientific activities. .

Diego Guevara, a fifth-year student, was part of a team of international students and competed in the academic competition, where he won first place. To achieve this, he had to pass 4 stages, which tested his knowledge in basic sciences and clinical surgery. Diego expressed his satisfaction with this experience, and stressed that participating in this international conference contributes greatly to his personal growth and development as a future doctor.

For his part, Juan Diego Pichihua presented at the same level the scientific poster entitled “Frequency of hospital discharges due to cerebrovascular diseases in health facilities in Peru between the years 2015 to 2022,” which he developed with his colleagues Diego Guevara and Fabrizio Valdivia under the guidance of Dr. Jose Carlos del Carmen. College professor. This presentation was part of the scientific competition and was performed in front of the jury and attendees of the conference.

This participation earned Juan Diego and his team honorable mention for their outstanding commitment to medical research.

Both students agree on their plans to further develop their careers and make the most of their upcoming semesters. Likewise, they indicate that they are currently focusing on continuing to improve their research and implementing new technologies, as well as representing the faculty in future activities at the national and international level.

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In the medium term, future doctors will strengthen contact with their teachers and colleagues, enhance academic cooperation with foreign students and professionals they have met, aspire to successfully complete medical training, and seek opportunities to pursue specialization.

Now, students are looking forward to the announcement of venues for regional scientific conferences in Peru, which will be held in February, and will explore the possibility of representing faculty at these and other scientific events.

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