“Bellingham is a great player, as if he is from another planet.”

Lisbon (Portugal), November 14 (PA Media/dpa/EP) –

Real Madrid’s English midfielder, Jude Bellingham, is a “top player” who seems to come from “another planet,” La Liga president Javier Tebas said on Tuesday, also praising his “huge influence” in the Spanish competition.

“It’s only been a few months and it’s too early to know the full reach, but in terms of viewing levels in the UK, Bellingham has a huge impact on our league,” Tebas told PA news agency reported by Europe. He presses.

For the manager, Bellingham is an “important player”, which is why “the UK and other English-speaking regions are attracted” to La Liga “because of him”.

“Bellingham is a great player, we knew he was a great player, but we did not realize the level he could reach at Real Madrid. It is as if he is from another planet,” Tebas said, and Tebas evaluated his performance, expecting him to wear it. white. A few more seasons.”

During the Web Summit in Lisbon, the La Liga president admitted that the English Premier League is “bigger” than the Spanish competition, although he defended himself for having “the best player in Europe”, referring to the English midfielder. “So we have the option of bringing the best players to come to Spain,” he hoped.

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