How will the human face look after a million years?

The world is constantly evolving and man cannot be the exception, since then according to researchers from DenmarkThe human face will evolve based on technological progress.

For this reason, it is not unreasonable to think about what a file is human face In the future for this, scholars from Aarhus UniversityOn Denmarktook the task of studying the evolution of the human face in a million years after cloning the face and body of a prehistoric woman from her bones.

according to National Museum of Natural Sciences in Madridthe first human appeared in Earth Almost 4 million years ago. If the global climate crisis does not affect the survival of the human race as it does, the most natural thing is for humans to live another two million years.

Based on this hypothesis, a team of scientists from Aarhus University, He designed the face that humans will likely have in a million years. To do this, they took into account key points in the natural history of human evolution. The Farming He is the first of them, later they choose discovery of insulin To control diseases such as diabetic.

We know the genes involved in building a brain that is good at remembering people’s names. We can change that.” BBC Thomas MellondProfessor of Bioinformatics at the University.

Likewise, he said that science will lead to the next point related to human evolution being the ability to artificially modify human organs, because these adaptations will serve to modify the lifestyle of mankind. What’s more, it will forever change the face of humans as well as people’s sensory ability and improve organs.

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Can the human body be improved?

Maylund Note that the world is not far from implementing these kinds of improvements to the bodyBecause they’ve been doing this for centuries, the obvious example is medicine that has modified the body to heal it or make it work better.

even in NeurolinkBillionaire Corporation Elon MuskHe worked on the design and construction of brain implants.

In this sense, scholars Aarhus University They can only consider that there are serious plans to colonize other planets. For example, task Artemis subordinate a pot intends to send women for the first time to the moonit may affect how you use human face in a million years.

According to the Danes, the determining factor will be genetic heredity. However, at the moment there is no exact model of what a file is human face The researchers concluded that in a million years, but it is unlikely that it will look the same in a million years.

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