How to make WhatsApp stickers from the application without downloading anything

A new feature has arrived on WhatsApp, but for now only on iOS. And now iPhone users will be able to Create your own stickers from the same app And without having to use third-party services. This means that it is now easier to officially create and edit labels.

How to create WhatsApp stickers on iOS

Creating and sharing stickers is now easier, and if you have the WhatsApp app for iOS 17, then you will So you can make your own stickers From the images you have already downloaded:

  • From any chat Open the sticker list And click on the new icon “+” Which you can see in the corner.
  • Now choose an image, and you will see it Cutting to create the label is done automatically.
  • If you click on the top icons you will find that it is You can edit the label Add emojis, text or change the color.
  • You can too Add another sticker To merge them and thus create a new one.
  • From the poster print you can see Preview the final result.
  • Once created Poster to your likingSimply click on the submit icon.

And that's it, it's that simple Create stickers in WhatsApp for iOS. Remember that you must have installed iOS 17 To create stickers, otherwise you can only edit the stickers you already have. In the case of Android, WhatsApp does not include these functions yet, so users will have to wait.

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