How to delete POF account permanently

This time we will show you how to delete POF account forever step by step, it’s very easy!

You can delete your POF account from your mobile device or computer

Unlike a few years ago, there are no longer just a couple of dating apps that we can use to meet people online. During this last time, Several alternatives to Tinder have emerged Which not only innovated in terms of dating functionality, but also managed to carve out a small place for themselves in the world of online dating platforms.

One of them, which has become very popular in Europe and South America, is Plenty of Fish, mostly known as POF. Allow users to find compatible people, This platform uses a technology called Chemistry Predictora feature that helps users find matches based on their interests and relationship preferences.

If you’ve already tried it, but the way it works didn’t catch your attention, or you stopped using it because you couldn’t flirt with anyone, You should prevent this dating app from storing your data on its servers. In other words, here we recommend Delete your account by following all the steps that we will show you in this article.

It is possible to delete your POF account permanently

Taking into consideration that POF is available for Android, iOS, and PCIt is possible to delete the account through any device compatible with this platform (mobile phone or PC).

Of course, unlike what to do to delete a Tinder account, You cannot follow the same steps to delete POF account from phone or computer. That’s why we’ll explain below how to do it from both devices.

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How to delete POF account from your mobile phone?

Access your POF account settings

You can delete POF account only if you log in from your mobile phone or computer

  • The first thing you should do is Open the POF app From your mobile device.
  • Once you get on the dating app, you’ll have to Click on your accountlocated in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • So, you should click on the option that says Account management.
Delete my POF account

You can re-create an account with the same data that was used when you deleted it

  • You will have to scroll to the end of the list and Click Delete Account.
  • POF will offer to pause the account, this will not delete it, so you will have to do that Click Delete my account.
  • finally, Click again on Delete my account To request that your data and photos be deleted from the servers.

How to delete POF account from your computer?

Enter POF from PC

Deleted POF account cannot be recovered

  • First you will have to log in POV site From the browser. Then you will have to Log in using your accountand then Click on my profile.
POF account management

It is easier to delete POF account from the official app

  • A menu will be displayed containing several options, you will have to access the option that says Account management.
Set up a POF account

POF allows you to pause the account if you do not want to lose access to it

  • Then you should Click the Settings tab.
Delete POF account

The account will be deleted immediately

  • So, you have to Click on the button that says Delete Account.
Delete POF account forever

You must have access to the account you want to delete

  • POF will ask you for some information, and you cannot complete it Click directly on Delete Account.
Confirm POF account deletion

POF will delete your conversations, photos and matches

  • A new window will appear, you should… Click again on Delete Account.
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Can a deleted POF account be recovered?

I’m afraid not Any deleted POF account cannot be recovered. The dating app indicates in its policies that no data, matching or photography can be recovered if the account is deleted, which is completely different from what happens when a Badoo account is deleted, the dating platform that in this case allows recovery of a deleted account.

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