Fundació PIMEC and Fundación MGC have reached an agreement to ensure that SMEs are spaces to promote health and emotional well-being

Daniel Redondo, President of MGC Mútua and Sponsor of the MGC Foundation, and Josep González, President of the PIMEC Foundation, signed the agreement that unites the two entities to Strengthen awareness and dissemination procedures Aimed at freelancers, SMEs and SMEs as spaces Promote health and emotional well-being, Particular focus on businesses located in rural areas, where access to health information or services may be limited.

Specifically the parties Approval of the development and implementation of health promotion and disease prevention programs Specifically targeting the group of self-employed people, entrepreneurs and their families; Promote and disseminate information and access to primary health care services remotely; And exchange resources, knowledge and experiences to enhance health dissemination, training and awareness capabilities.

Daniel Redondo He commented: “For the MGC Foundation, it is a pleasure to be able to support the PIMEC Foundation to carry out various activities of public interest, such as assistance services, sponsorship of cultural performances and solidarity projects, as well as organizing initiatives aimed at disseminating and disseminating various aspects related to health promotion and prevention.” From the deseases.”

For this part, Josep Gonzalez He noted, “We are very grateful to MGC Foundation for helping us promote health and emotional well-being among entrepreneurs and the self-employed. In fact, the current business environment full of complexity and uncertainty, even with incomprehensible situations, entails difficult-to-manage situations, which can affect the quality of decision-making, the progress of a small or small business, and personal and family life.

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