How Technology Enhances The Travel Experience

No one would argue that technology’s impact has been entirely positive; there are, after all, some obvious downsides. Yet, there are some areas where the complaints against technology are pretty thin on the ground. Take travel, for instance. While there’s something romantic about the old, pre-internet way of travelling, smartphones (and related devices) have made travel a more enjoyable and rewarding experience for most people.

In this blog, we’ll run through just three of the ways technology has done this.

Pre-Trip Preparation

Travellers want to hit the ground running when they land at their destination. While it’s OK to figure things out once you’re there, if your trip is only a few days, then there’ll be no time to waste. Technology allows travellers to get themselves ready for fun while they’re still at home, long before they’ve set off for the airport. For instance, let’s say you were visiting Las Vegas. Before you go, you could prepare yourself for the Bellagio by using a casino bonus to play online, research the best restaurants, or buy tickets for the best Vegas shows. Without technology, you’d have to figure those things out while you’re there. With technology, you can get the information you need while you’re still at home.

On the Ground 

It’s a wonder how people managed to get around in the pre-internet era, especially in far-flung and exotic destinations. Forget having a good time: just communicating to the locals that you were hungry or looking for a hotel would be a challenge. Not so anymore. Now all you need to do is get out your phone, and it will direct you to whatever service you need. There’s also a host of translation apps, some of which can even “live translate” menus right before your eyes. And if you become separated from your travelling party, you can just ping their location, and the panic of isolation is over.

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Capturing Memories

It’s all good and well to have memories of your favourite travel experiences, but let’s remember that memory is famously unreliable. Today, travellers can instantly capture scenes that will be with them for the entirety of their lifetime (and, in fact, beyond that). In the olden days, people’s only recourse was to sit back and try to remember the places they’ve been, the faces of people they’ve met, and to feel the energy of their trip. Now all they need to do is get out their phone and dive into their photo album.

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