Can a blocked contact on WhatsApp make video calls to you?

On some occasions, users of Application from WhatsApp instant messages Requires cutting off contact with certain people in particular, in order for them to benefit from a job banned user that offer digital platform By doing so, they can no longer receive text messages from this annoying person, as well as videos, photos or voice messages.

Perhaps not the most obvious functionality, but taking this action makes it impossible for that user to add you to it Chats CollectionLook at your profile picture, see if you’re online among other examples, but what about video calls or WhatsApp calls?

When you block a specific user from WhatsApp, you close the doors to Telecommunications With you, so inside the app there will be no way to contact you through instant messages either in a text message or with her multimedia contentCalls and video calls are restricted.

So you will not have to worry about a user who was not comfortable in the past and does not want to try again, with the peace of mind that through WhatsApp they will leave you alone by all these means.

On the other hand, this does not mean that it is impossible to enter into a connection through third-party applications such as Facebook MessengerAnd Instagram NS cable When you block it on WhatsApp.

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There is also the option that they send you SMS messages Or make phone calls because the restriction when blocking other WhatsApp users is limited to this app, but you can use other apps to block incoming calls from the numbers you specify.

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If you need to block someone via WhatsApp so that they don’t contact you, you can follow these steps to blacklist them on the platform, regardless of whether you use Android or iOS as an operating system:

  • Access WhatsApp and locate the conversation with the person you want to block.
  • Enter the chat and press the button at the top Adjust It is the symbol of the three vertical dots on the left.
  • The menu that appears there will display several options, then press Plus to see the rest.

Finally, select Block to block the possibilities for this person to send messages or calls, as well as any kind of multimedia content and aspects we discussed earlier.

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