How not to skip your diet even if your friends insist on it?

You shouldn't let others decide for you what you should or shouldn't eat./Photo: Jerome Dreyfus.


You're trying to eat better and healthier, but it seems like your friends aren't too happy and are encouraging you to skip the diet. Why does it bother them that you don't eat what they do?

Written by Maria Corescu

April 27, 2024 / 07:29

If you are one of those people who regularly diet to lose weight, or, better yet, try to start eating healthy, you will have already realized that the response of your environment to this change in your habits can be very stressful. There is always someone, at some point, who will utter this devastating statement: “Come on, if nothing happens for a day…”

Does it look familiar to you? “For one day nothing happens”, “One day is one day”, “You will eat lettuce tomorrow …”. Far from encouraging you in your goalThey encourage you to skip your diet, as if their enjoyment of that appetizer, or that drink, depends heavily on your participation as well. There are those who have never had problems with their weight before and cannot understand your refusal to eat breakfast, rejoice; Or those who hope for “a day like this” – a birthday, a family reunion, a football cup celebration… – you will be considered… Join the party without restrictions; Or those who straight up think you're a party pooper.

“Diet: that word that can cause Sighs of resignation or looks of disapproval“, pointing to Da Vinci relapsersnutrition coach, mindfulness expert and founder Body harmony. “When you decide to pay attention to your diet, you are not only choosing what you eat, but also how you live. This can generate some interesting reactions in others, which are often due to two reasons:

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  • Personal insecurity. When someone is on a diet, they become a mirror for others. “Why can she resist the Toriznos and I can't?” “Insecurities arise, and some people may feel that way Uncomfortable when faced with their eating decisionsAnd it tries to make us eat things that we do not want or that do not suit us.
  • Food and fun culture: “Imagine a gathering with friends. Everyone is toasting with a beer or a gin and tonic, while you hold your mocktail as if it were a glass. Why do some people look upset? Because Your choice challenges the norm It is an unwritten saying that pleasure can only be found if you drink alcohol. How dare you be different!” explains the expert.

It no longer depends only on them, but on you as well. In those moments when… Your inner devil The saying that “a little is good,” is it difficult to resist temptation when we feel more pressure from others than our own?

“Becoming aware of our thoughts and questioning them is the first step towards this Make conscious choices “This leads us to respect our body and our health,” Da Vinci explains. “The perception of others, social expectations, well-intentioned comments. All of this can make us give in to temptation. But do we really want to make decisions based on what others think?

Your inner voice also plays an important role. “You justify yourself by telling yourself it's so delicious, but is that really true? Also It's just another excuse To satisfy the search for another source of instant gratification?

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  1. Be aware of this: Recognizes internal and external pressures. What drives you to make this decision?
  2. Question this thought: Do you really want to give up? What are the long-term consequences? How would I feel if I gave in to my excuses?
  3. Search for alternatives:Are there healthy options you can still enjoy?
  4. Take back your power: Remember that the decision is yours. You don't need to justify it to anyone else.

“One day is one day” could be the perfect excuse to eat that tempting cake. “And they appear in our minds The arguments that fuel this irrational belief“It's because of family pressure!” I don't want to look bad! I'd be weird if I didn't eat it! But in reality, it's just an excuse to fall into temptation.

It is a belief, an irrational thought, and as such, the best way to deconstruct it, to neutralize it, is to question it rather than just accept it. Is there scientific evidence to support this? How does it make us feel? Is it aligned with our long-term goals? Through questioning and analysis, we can We free ourselves from superstitions and make more conscious decisions In our diet.

In short, Da Vinci points out, “Decision making goes beyond diet. “It is a reflection of who we are and how we want to live.” But he also offers one final piece of advice: “On this journey toward healthy eating, let's remember that Rigidity is not our best friend. Sometimes we can make exceptions; Yes, consciously. because? Because life is not divided between authorities and turiznos. It's the balance between taking care of ourselves and enjoying ourselves. So let us toast to the decisions made from my position and not my whims.”

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