How many medals has Francisco Garrido of Córdoba won in the International Olympic Golden Eagle Taekwondo Championship? – Shams Cordoba

Cordoba, Ver. -Francisco Garrido Bravo from Córdoba showed quality, level, character and character to achieve 4 medals at the International Golden Eagle Taekwondo Olympics held in Texas, United States.

His training, perseverance and above all the support of his family and all the people around him were crucial for the Taekwondo City of 30 Knights to achieve outstanding performance.

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Francisco scores success after grueling preparation, representing Cordoba and the state of Veracruz with a stunning performance on the tatami, emerging among the best in its class.

How many medals did he win in the tournament?

His effort has been reflected in the four medals but he too will strive to maintain the same trajectory for his next medals.

The goal in this competition is for the participants to continue to surpass them as well as raise the name of Veracruz.

This athlete’s performance was also highlighted because the performance was better than in previous tournaments; It even surpassed the other competitions in which she participated.

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Seeing this, Francisco earned the appreciation of his colleagues and comrades trainer (coach) who leads you to be better.

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He is now preparing to participate in other tournaments with the aim of continuing to grow and continuing to raise the level of Cordoba and Veracruz.

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