How many medals does Mexico have in the Paralympic Games medal table?

the Games for people with special needs It is an event that occurs at the end of Olympic Games, Habit Hosted by the same country that was the last venue for the Olympic Gameswhich was this time Japan. in this event Athletes with disabilities participateBe it physical, mental, sensory or intellectual.

these games Their contract began in 1960 and Mexico had a presence in 12 of them. there was Heidelberg 1972 Their first post and since then they have collected a total of 289 medals: 97 gold, 90 silver and 102 bronze.

The three Paralympic sports where Mexico was the most special Son: Athletics With 196 medals; swimming, where they added 67 medals and Weight lifting With 14 variances. Next, we will review Historic medal table for the Mexican delegation at the Paralympic Games.

Toronto 1976

Mexico held its first Paralympic Games Heidelberg 1972 It wasn’t good, because nOr they managed to collect some prey, however, in Toronto 1976 The Mexican delegation ranked 12th in the medal table with 39 medals, including 16 gold, 14 silver and 9 bronze.

Arnhem 1980

The Mexicans in the Dutch lands would surpass what they achieved in Canada, since then, In the 1980 edition that was held in Arnhem It will be placed 9th in the medal table, with a total of 42 medals, Mexico won 20 gold, 16 silver and 6 medals.

New York and Stoke Mandeville 1984

The seventh edition of the Paralympic Games It will be held in two citiesAnd New York in the United States and Stoke Mandeville in the United Kingdom Because of the large number of athletes registered in the different categories.

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In the mentioned games, Mexico will not go beyond what has been achieved in the NetherlandsHowever, I would like to add 37 Paralympic medals To his historic medal table, them, 6 of gold, 14 of silver, and 17 of copper.

Seoul 1988

This was the first time the Paralympics had participated in the Olympic waivers. And Mexico, again, will expect excellent engagement by having it 8 gold, 9 silver and 7 bronze medals, with a total of 24 medals.

Barcelona 1992

Mexican athletes’ performance decreased for Barcelona 1992Because in this edition, the Mexican delegation will sign His second worst post At the Paralympic Games in They didn’t get any medals for first place, but they did get 10 bronze and 1 silver.

Atlanta 1996

The Paralympic Games were held in Atlanta It will be the second made on American soil, in this edition, the Mexican Paralympic athletes They won 12 medals, including 3 gold, 5 silver and 4 bronze.

Sydney 2000

Paralympic Games For the first time, it will reach Oceania Mexico will give His third best post At the event, until then. With 10 gold, 12 silver and 12 bronze medalsMexican athletes will add a total of 34 medals.

Athens 2004

in Athens 2004 Mexican Paralympic athletes will outdo what was achieved in SydneyAnd although 34 medals have been added again, this time More medals were achieved in first place with 14, along with Mexico Add 10 second place awards and 10 third place awards to the medal table.

Beijing 2008

again mexicans They will finish a good share at the Paralympic Games. In Beijing 2008, the Mexican delegation He will win 10 golds, 3 silvers and 7 bronzes, for a total of 20 medals.

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London 2012

these It will be the second Paralympic Games to be held in the UK, in that edition Mexico will win a total of 21 medals, 6 of which are gold, 4 silver and 11 bronze.

Rio de Janeiro 2016

In the last edition of the Paralympics, The first is made in Latin AmericaAnd the Mexican delegation only He will win a total of 15 medals Where do I come from 4 medals for first place, 2 for second place and 9 for third place.

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