How can you recover deleted WhatsApp stickers when you changed your cell phone?

On this note from Diario Líbero, learn about the process of returning stickers on your new device, be it Android or iOS.

With this trick, you can get back all your WhatsApp stickers, if you lost them. | Libero formation

WhatsApp has become a file Great tool for users All over the world for easy messaging to other people from your mobile device.

However, despite the fact that WhatsApp is used daily, there are still millions of people who are ignorant of all the tricks and secrets that this popular application contains. instant message. An obvious example is the “stickers” or stickers, which can get lost when changing from one smartphone to another. Did this problem happen to you? If so, we will give you the solution so that you never run out of anything to send to your contacts.

How do I get my WhatsApp stickers back if I change my smartphone?

Since its launch, WhatsApp stickers have become a ‘boom’, with most of the users using them to express their feelings and have fun with their friends. However, these “stickers” are often lost when changing phones. How do you avoid it? Here is the solution.

If for some reason your WhatsApp stickers have disappeared, don’t worry, there is a way to get them back. First of all, you should search in Play Store The app is called Personal stickers for WhatsApp. After that you will have to press the storage button and follow these instructions:

  • Find the folder The WhatsApp on your Android smartphone. Several folders will appear, insert the media
  • Select the label. There will be all the stickers that you have stored.
  • You import all the stickers on this site.
  • Hit the Add to WhatsApp button and it will bring them back to your app.
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Remember that this method only applies to users android, Since people with an iPhone won’t be able to download them with this option, but they do have a tool to create stickers right away.

How to silence calls from strangers in WPP?

If you want to activate this function in WhatsApp, You just have to enter Privacy, select the Calls option and click on Silence Calls from Unknown Numbers and that’s it.

It should be noted that when the seconds of a call pass, it won’t go away, so it’s all recorded in your history in case it’s something important and you need to return the call.

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