Honda Racing Corporation establishes a new base of operations in the United Kingdom

Honda Racing Corporation announced that it has created a new subsidiary Honda Racing Corporation UK Ltd is located in the United Kingdom, Which will be responsible for the maintenance and preparation of the power units that will participate in Formula 1, in addition to serving as a logistical base for all operations of the Japanese manufacturer on European soil. Of course one of HRC UK's goals is to strengthen the partnership with Aston Martin in Formula 1 from 2026.

After equipping the factory with machines and tools, the next step is Employing trained cadres of engineers, technicians and mechanics, To begin operations this spring. Honda currently supplies engines to both Red Bull and Visa Cash App RB, but this support will end after the end of the 2025 season, only when the engine development freeze ends, so Honda will supply new-spec power units to Aston Martin.

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