Do Cuban planes fly to Nicaragua?

Amidst the sanctions imposed by the United States on companies dedicated to transporting migrants on the route to Nicaragua, flights of Cuban aircraft belonging to the airlines Cubana de Aviación and Aerogaviota were reported this week.

The route to Nicaragua appears to have been restored thanks to the intervention of the Cuban government fleet, according to reports by networks and independent media. To date, the Cuban airport company ECASA has not officially commented on this matter.

This week, monitoring through the flight-tracking platform FlightAware allowed us to monitor how AeroGaviota and Cubana de Aviación, the country's two main airlines, fly to Nicaragua's capital.

This would indicate that, despite the difficulties, the Havana-Managua route is still important to the Cuban government, and it knows that it is expensive, because the route to Nicaragua remains the main exit route for thousands of Cubans to the United States. ., although parole, five-year visas or family reunification, as a legal means.

“He dares a lot @PartidoPCC Which uses its private planes to transport Cubans into exile #United States of Americavia #ManaguaAfter the restrictions @potos To Dominican Airlines?,” one user asked Twitter.

Cuban planes heading to Nicaragua? New business?

So far, they have been on board Conviasa, the Venezuelan airline, which maintains its flights with a stop in Cuba. Their flights depart from Caracas, stop in Havana and then continue on to Managua. Aruba Airlines also continues to do so from Havana and Holguin. From the Cuban capital, the road to Nicaragua is direct, while from Holguin you must stop in Aruba, according to official data.

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Regarding the possible flights of Cuban aircraft on the route to Nicaragua, since this month, some media supportive of the Cuban government have praised the resumption of these flights. So this other flight route to Managua will likely become official very soon.

Cuban aircraft flights nicaragua

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