Homes and businesses of the British monarch

The characteristics of Elizabeth II, Queen of England are countless! And while many of the UK’s heritage, after more than 60 years as Queen, make no distinction as to whether they are from the Crown or from her personal fortune. Let’s talk about Queen Elizabeth’s fortune, personal possessions, and business.

How rich is Queen Elizabeth?

Queen Elizabeth works long hours a day, and her new rule is to cut costs as much as possible. And while it seems ridiculous that one of the richest women in the world is worried about money, he is! (According to the London Times Rich List, the king’s personal fortune ranges from $500 million to $600 million.)

As sovereign of her country, Elizabeth II owns the lands, palaces, and treasures that have been amassed by ruling families for centuries.

They say that this national wealth is more than 35 thousand million dollars, although it is subject to the “links” of the Civil List, established by King George III in 1760 to properly manage the wealth of the government.

For example, Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace (which were the private property of the kings and their heirs) already belong to the nation, although their use is retained by the royal family, which is maintained by the state.

And the crown jewels? And what are the Queen’s personal jewels? And your wonderful artwork? What about the other palaces? Can you sell it if you want?

The properties and castles of Queen Elizabeth

Balmoral Castle

Balmoral Castle in Scotland, with its forests and farmland, is owned by Elizabeth II, after it was bought by Queen Victoria in 1848 and passed into her own hands.

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Elizabeth II lives there very comfortably and has built her own movie theater because she loves to watch movies.

Sandringham Palace

Queen Victoria bought Sandringham, located off the coast of Norfolk, as a wedding gift for her son Edward VII and his wife Alexandra, inherited by Elizabeth II! Nobody imagines Queen Elizabeth II as the owner of many buildings, but she is.

Its 300 properties include apartments, mansions, and rental properties. Tiny homes were donated to retirees or to palace employees as gifts of “faithful service”.

Kensington Palace is also his property, as are the castles of Lancaster, Pontefract and Tutberry. Goathland, the Yorkshire Moors village where Braveheart was filmed, is hers.

And although he was said to own property outside the UK, the royal house has denied this outright.

What are the works of Queen Elizabeth?

Animal husbandry is his business; The “real” puppy sells for over $15,000.
Isabel II is passionate about horses and owns about 30 stallions, valued at around $10 million. It spends 600 thousand annually on its maintenance.

It also has a collection of classic cars valued at more than $15 million, including the 1900 Daimler Phaeton which was the first true car, and the 1954 Rolls-Royce Phantom IV.

His investments are a very significant source of his personal wealth and he is estimated to have $150 million in cash, invested in stocks and expertly managed accounts at Coutts & Co.

queen elizabeth jewelry

The “crown jewels” belong to the national heritage, but the Queen has a personal collection of tiaras, rings, necklaces and earrings of exceptional value!

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The same is true of his artwork, which includes paintings by Vermeer, Rubens and Rembrandt and unique drawings by Leonardo da Vinci.

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