Hidalguense already knows his rivals – El Sol de Hidalgo

Calcio Germany, AS Footvia Academy and FC Sarria de Ter, the final duo from Spain, are the two contenders that Hidalguense will face in the 20th edition of the International Mediterranean Cup, which will take place in Girona, Spain, from 12-17 April.

At noon CST, the draw for the tournament was held in three categories for men and one for women.

Team Pachuca, the only Mexican in the championship, will compete in the Sub 20 class, and was seeded, sector-leading H.

According to the team ranking presenters, there are high expectations for Hidalguense’s participation in the competition, as they consider themselves to have a fighting level in the competition.

The above is not simple, since in this category there are representatives of teams from the Spanish first division, such as Villarreal and Athletic Club de Bilbao, as well as eleven teams from Colombia.

In the other divisions, in addition to the Spanish teams, teams from the United Kingdom, Japan, the United States and India will also meet.

On earlier dates, Alvaro Gutierrez, the coach of the team that is currently in the eighth group of the third professional league, indicated that the team is very excited to participate in the tournament.

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“Going to Spain to play, it means a lot to us, and we will try to do the best possible job there, trying to get the best possible place,” he said.

The Blue and White team has not yet confirmed the itinerary of their journey into Iberian territory; However, they made their equestrian famous by the show.

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