Apple wants to lease your iPhone as if it were an additional monthly subscription

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In the future, you will own nothing, Not even from your iPhone or iPad.

according to BloombergAnd the Apple is working on a monthly subscription service for the iPhone and more Devices, including the iPad. The service will allow users to rent Devices for the first time in the company’s history.

This program will be little bit different from Present Renewal Program Iphonewhich part From 35 dollars to me month and gives you access to Iphone the new every year with AppleCare coverage+, a Extendable deal ator operator.

The show hasn’t been officially announced, and according to people familiar with the matter, it’s still in development. But it will be like The car rentalmarking a major turnaround for Apple’s business, which derives most of its revenue of hardware sales.

However, the rental program It can help prolong that relationship with consumers by allowing them to do so use products Apple and enter the ecosystem even if it is not mayben pay the full amountHardware. For others, this program It can always be a catalyst for pregnancy The latest and greatest iPhone, likewise For those who change Sports Every few years to drive the newer model. Probably Subscriptions can be managed Through youu Apple account on the web or tOr a mobile device, similar to management Other paid monthly services. This also means that you will not own what deal with youOr the operator to obtain a renewal.

An Apple spokesperson declined to comment to Bloomberg. Company plans. We have also contacted Apple, but have not received a response.

Although it remains unconfirmed, it makes sense that Apple would want to expand Your best selling devices With an affordable subscription program. The company already has some financial infrastructure after the launch of the Apple Card, not to mention its association With Citizens One Personal Loans for Renewal Program from iPhone.

Hardware subscription software is nothing new to the zeitgeist. Such as broadcasting services It became the standard for content delivery, it was inevitable that tangible goods would follow suit. Other tech companies have recently explored this model. For example, in an apparent effort to reduce its inventory, Peloton has begun testing a subscription service for new users to rent their bikes.

If not confirmed, Bloomberg He says Apple’s subscription service is expected to launch late This year, although it could be postponed until 2023 or canceled altogether. Just We have to wait and see.

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