He's running away! 'Boy' steals a UK patrol car and goes viral

No joke, “the boy” steals a patrol! In Kirkholt, Rochdale, UK, a minor became the hero of a video that went viral after stealing a patrol car while a police officer was arresting a suspect.

In the footage, which within hours had millions of views, you can see how, after the “boy” got into the SUV, he quickly reversed along the street and, after that, stepped sideways to return to a road.

While the minor was driving illegally, neighbors in the area were surprised and watched laughing as the patrol car was taken away.

Through a statement shared by local authorities, it was made clear that the case is already under investigation to find the suspect. They add that this event occurred after a security officer got out of his car to arrest him.

“This happened after an officer abandoned his car to bravely stop a 28-year-old man at a nearby store following a chase. A police spokesperson explained in a report: “Someone decided to get into the car and behave in this unacceptable way, and we now believe we have identified them to take further action.” “.

The police car was recovered near the scene a short time later. However, the identity and ages of those responsible are still being investigated.

Can minors be prosecuted in the UK?

Despite complaints from the United Nations, the minimum age of criminal responsibility in England and Wales has been set at 10 years since 1963.

Since 1995, it is estimated that more than 7,000 children aged between 10 and 14 have been prosecuted in Crown Courts across the UK.

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